Roz Moskovits Dressage and Equine Management
Equine Canada Level 2 Coach & Clinician

Roz Moskovits

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Roz has extensive experience judging a variety of horse competitions - Scotia Series, EC Bronze level Dressage, Hunter, Equitation, Dressage for Horse Trials, EC General Performance as well as schooling shows including Western, Gymkhanas, English Hack classes, 4-H, Pony Club and Exhibitions. If time permits during schooling level competitions, Roz tries to take a moment to give competitors helpful instruction. 

Roz is available as Planning Consultant to assist with the design and construction of small and large horse facilities - adding an element of understanding for the needs of the horse from a physical, health and behavioral perspective as well as efficiency of operations from the human management point of view. As the daughter of an engineer, Roz was raised with a critical eye for design function, stability and efficiency. This has continued as a life long passion which has been applied towards the development and delivery of the Equine Facility Design, Construction and Management course for the Equine specialty students in the Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture DBM course which she instructed from 2008 - 2015. 

Consulting work also includes establishment of a viable Business Plan for commercial facilities offering boarding, lessons, clinics and competitions. 

As well, look forward to the forthcoming book on Career Coaching for Equestrian Coaches.

All consulting work is confidential.

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