Roz Moskovits Dressage and Equine Management
Equine Canada Level 2 Coach & Clinician

The Stables of Hearthstone Equestrian

Roz & Rick Moskovits

The Facility:

Built during the summer of 1998, we started with the first Cover-All riding arena in Eastern Canada. 

Along with the indoor arena we have stabling for a small number of very well cared for horses!  

Our private facility was designed for schooling and training of horses. It was also home to an active riding school up until 2006. 

Over 70 horses has moved through our stables, each enjoying the positive schooling, great care and attention that has become our signature. 

This is our horses home as well as students horses we welcome for schooling from time to time. During the winter we will have a few spots open for schooling board for students horses. 

Some of our residents over the years are pictured here

Felix, Andalusian gelding


Lakota, Pinto draft mare

Kodiak, WB Gelding (Holsteiner X Latvian/TB) 

North view of the arena from the pasture


Winter turn-out in the back paddock

Where a passion for brilliant and positive training combines with a 

commitment to the best possible care 

for our equine partners


naps are always welcome!


Susan & Lorinda sharing a laugh at the end of a good school!

An older photo of the stables when we were running an active lesson program, boarding and training.

Funny how we had only greys on the left & chestnuts on the right! Horses from left to right:

Earl, Rae, Tara, Katt, Carter, Tyler & out of view: Jessee & Gypsy (also both chestnuts!)

The stables are home to some lovely egg laying hens as well!


Crème Brulee (Canadian yearling filly)