Roz Moskovits Dressage and Equine Management
Equine Canada Level 2 Coach & Clinician

Roz Moskovits

Equine Canada Level 2 Coach

   & Competition Coach Specialist

Roz Moskovits: Coach

When understood and developed correctly, Classical Dressage improves the function, performance and health of all horses, regardless of breed, conformation or discipline.

Lecturer and Consultant

Equine Nutrition; 

Health; Conditioning and Fitness; 

Maintaining Soundness and Performance; 

Equine Psychology and Training; 

Equine Behaviour related to Care and Management; 

Rider Planning and Mental Preparedness; 

Ground Work Exercises; etc.

as a respected lecturer, Roz instructed two of the Equine Specialty courses at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (later Dal AC) for the past seven years:

Equine Health & Fitness

as well as,

Equine Facilities, Design, Construction & Management

Topics of instruction:

All horses, regardless of age, use or value deserve fact-based individual care that respects the needs and best interest of each animal.

Through public lectures, in-house workshops, academic courses (Dalhousie University AC - DBM Equine program) and one-on-one coaching of clients Roz is passionate about educating horse owners and care givers. 

Roz Moskovits

is an Experienced Clinician

Specializing in:  

- Classical Dressage 

- Dressage for Competition 

- Western Dressage

- Gymnastics & Jumping 

- Equitation 

- General Performance

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Through clinics and regular coaching, students enjoy a quality of instruction that is clear, correct and well structured to the immediate needs and interests of both horse and rider. 

For over thirty years Roz has been developing riders with




Recipient of the 2013

Equine Canada National Coaching Award:

& Recipient of the 2014 Provincial NSEF

Coach of the Year award:


Roz will continue to travel throughout

Central and Northern Nova Scotia

to instruct a small number of regular riding students.

Please email

for scheduling.

Private consulting services remain available

on an ongoing basis:

for private horse owners

Please contact me and learn how our work together will enable your goals to become your reality.


A private consultation (example photographed to the right here) will include a thorough physical exam, discussion and review of nutrition, training challenges, behavioural issues, physical attributes, conditioning program, goals, etc.

Often recommendations that may include appropriate veterinary assistance, massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, professional nutrition recommendations, etc will follow. This is a chance to work with a professional who can really oversee the whole picture as far as the health and care of your horse is concerned. 

thank you Myra for these great photos! As well as Margaret & Tiki at Creamery Brook Stables in Brookfield NS


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above: Joecy Peters on Ferunzi

putting in the winning round at this years CNHP Horse Trials - Training level